Dante Editor

Just another Medium editor clone.


So far we have tried all the Medium.com wysiwyg clones out there, those are really great, and each have their pros and cons. But none of them has all the features that the real medium editor provides. So we wondered, How complicated could be write our own version of Medium's wysiwyg?

This is a live demo:

Please click the image or type everywere. Use it as you were using Medium. Have fun!

This Library will work fine on modern browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, FF and IE. We don't have any intentions to target all browsers versions. Really… If you like this library and you need backward compatibility for an specific version, you can submit a patch to help with the development or just upgrade your shitty browser :D

Dante is being at active development, so the internal api could change a lot but is good to use.

(This library is free and will stay free, but needs your support to sustain its development. There are lots of desirable new features and maintenance to do. If you work for a company using Dante or have the means to do so, please consider financial support)

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Licensed under MIT. 2014